Technology Career: Week Five

Week Five

Other peoples code is the same as hieroglyphics


Monday, September 26th 2016

If you thought the heading to this Monday is a work anniversary, you are wrong. My girlfriend and I celebrated our 4th year of dating. Tonight was a great night, which was filled with delicious food and thoughtful presents. The restaurant we ate at is called “The Melting Pot” and it was some of the best food we have ever had. The food is all fondue (bread in cheese fondue, meat in broth fondue, sweets in chocolate fondue). Technology jobs give great opportunities to make enough money to go to nice fancy restaurants every once in a blue moon.

Monday morning was not quite as nice. I received my coworkers code today, and it took me nearly all day to just get it working off of our subversion. Josh (my coworker) is one of the smartest people I have ever met when it comes to technicality with computers. His wits about how coding schemes work and what best practices to use are far superior to many people his age. With all that said, his code is like a 100 hour maze where you are trying to finish in 20 minutes: there just is not enough time to get through it all. His complete understanding of the MVC framework through Spring is impressive. I have a feeling once the databases are implemented into his code things will run smoothly.

Tuesday, September 27th 2016

Today was going to be my gym day because I missed it yesterday due to staying up Sunday for the anniversary. Today was a very uneventful day. I spent most of the day reading through Josh’s code to figure out how I will best implement SQL into his project. He helped me to try to find a good way of implementing it. My goal is to have the dropdowns loaded by the end of tomorrow, and then move into the search Thursday and Friday. However, the search might take me longer as I have to implement the pagination manually. Should be fun.

I miss my code

Wednesday, September 28th 2016

My foot has taken a turn for the worse. A dress shoe of mine ripped a couple weeks ago but I am trying to save them out as long as I can. Finally, though, they have given me foot pain. No gym again today and I would be surprised if I made it at all this week. This is against my philosophy of healthy body makes a healthy mind.

The dropdowns got populated today which was a good success though. Today I ended up adding the SQLMapper and VehicleMapping .xml files to Josh’s project. By doing this I could set a connection to the AS400, and successfully bring in queries using Spring, MyBATIS, and pure Java. The way Josh’s program works is he builds up a prototype vehicle to compare other vehicles too. By doing this, it made it much simpler for me to add all the selected data from the dropdowns to this prototype implementation and send that off the the search service. To end the day I received a nasty error with Tomcat, so I called it a day. Great success today.

Thursday, September 29th 2016

Searching is impossible in Josh’s code. Realistically, the code should flow normally like it did with the CSV. However, most of the query I am trying to pull for the search does not seem to like what is being done. It was a frustrating day on the job and this goes to show not every day as a programmer is glorious.

After work was personal work time for myself. I spent a couple hours looking into some possible consulting gigs. Nothing seemed to pop out, and I almost need to teach myself some of the concepts to even look for a consulting job. I am running out of excuses for why no applications have been filled out, but they need to become a reality soon. No more of this “when will I be less poor” mentality and more of a “how much longer until I am less poor.”

Friday, September 30th 2016

Something hit me in the shower this morning and within the first two hours at work, I had Josh’s search working perfectly. With the last four hours, Josh and I implemented his pagination and enjoyed ourselves (mostly with just talking). The best part about my job are my coworkers. Intelligence does not do this group justice. Personality wise they are top notch. If we all grew up in the same neighborhood we would all be best friends. A bar called our names after work, and we had a great time laughing at jokes and talking about the weekend. Afterwards three of us went to a jeweler to help a coworker pick out a ring. Life was good today. The night was spent out on my porch listening to some blink-182. Work hard play hard.

Uncle Joel is in town

Saturday, October 1st 2016

My Uncle has been in town for the past week, and today we went golfing as a family. It’s always a great time to play with my family, and today I learned a lot from him about some of the wealthier people he works for. It makes me excited to get into business and start something worth spending the rest of my life doing. The life I see him live gives me joy in what we have here in America. Never take it for granted. That night I went out to drink with my (hopefully) future business partner. We talked a lot about our dreams and how we will achieve them. I could do that all night.

Sunday, October 2nd 2016

Today I got to experience a live football game. Life changing is a great way of explaining the feeling. We left around 8 for a 1 o’clock start. Pregaming was fun with my Uncle and my brother, and they we talked a lot about the political stance both of them take. In my opinion they just believe in being good people. Hearing them speak really made me think. When did money become so important I forgot how to love unconditionally. People are still good in this world we just have to give them a chance.

The game was great, with the home team losing by a point. The food was good, atmosphere was amazing, and company can’t be beat. We ended up getting home around 8, and I read some of my java book and passed out. Back to work tomorrow.

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