Technology Career: Week Six

Week Six

Nothing like home sweet code

Come back to me

Monday October 3rd, 2016

The gym was fun this morning. Walking seems to have improved with the foot, so it was best to start the gym back up. After gym feelings are what bring me back. There is something pleasing with just finishing a workout and starting your day on the right foot. I knew today was going to be a good day.

SVN was tricky today, not only uploading Josh’s project but trying to retrieve mine. The day flew by and all I got accomplished was getting the files back to my own computer. Nothing works yet but the dependencies are still linking up to Zach’s (the coworker who received my project). Seeing my code again makes me happy though. Commenting became a real thing two weeks ago before we switched, and now I am glad I took the time to do that. Ease of reading code is a great thing. Josh seems happy with my progress on his project which makes me very happy.

Tuesday October 4th, 2016

Today was long. For all of the accomplishments yesterday, I blew them all up trying to work with SVN. The fact that I am trying to bring in extra parts from other programs scares me, and the chance my program gets overwritten is terrifying. I did happen to get my dropdowns to load. The search does not want to work for me though.

We then went into a meeting on QA training. Great information was exchanged to show us the process of submitting a proposal for code to go through production. I did not realize all of the forms that are mandatory just to start coding. My duties do not entail this though, as these are left for the higher up Programming Analysts. One day it will become a goal of mine to be in that position, but only time will tell.

Tonight I watched a video about Warren Buffet (Watch Here). If you have the time (you should make some if you don’t), watch this video. There are so many good nuggets in here, and ethical ones too. This man is so down to earth it makes it almost hard to know his net worth. What an inspirational man, and a great speaker. To hear him speak in person would be worth all I have. I guess this counts for my personal development for the day.

Where did the time go?

Wednesday October 5th, 2016

Now I am starting to realize how little time I have yet to work on my project and perfect it. Today we were forced to switch from Tomcat server to Websphere (not as easy of a transition as I thought). Nothing on my project works. The frustrating thing is the logs and stacktrace are so much longer and more confusing than Tomcat. Tomcat wins that place in my heart. Easy to deploy and very little overhead. Websphere is like a clingy girlfriend who will never let you go and over-complicates everything.

We also had day two of QA trianing today. We went over more forms to fill out, and our personal page for all the information that was covered. It is great that we were given this information but I feel it is a bit soon. None of this will become relevant until we at least reach Senior Programmer status (hopefully within the next year) or are helping a project lead do it. It really does not make much sense for us to be learning it now.

I felt the need to finally buy myself some shoes. An article that I read on a while back stated that it is smarter to buy some really good clothing that will hold up than wasting money on cheap clothing that won’t last. To my surprise G.H. Bass is that company and that type of product. My shoes are comfortable and sturdy while keeping a professional look. Ten out of ten stars, and the price was less than $50. Cannot beat that anywhere.

Thursday October 6th, 2016

Remember that whole thing about where is the time going? We got assigned our first real project today, and they are intimidating. The objective is to take an old project and turn it into a new technology project. We have to integrate Spring and myBatis into these projects. On top of that, our presentation for our vehicle search was placed on October 19th. Crunch time is upon us.

I am very happy with the group and the project I got placed into though. Our project consists of taking a truck hiking project and reworking it around the new stuff we learned. The queries should stay the same, but a little newer in design and execution. The experience gained will be very valuable.

Friday October 7th, 2016

My project lived. Notice the ‘d’ on the back of the word live. Everything was working well when *BAM* out of nowhere everything started to crash. I should have taken my friend Dave’s advice and Read Only Friday(ed) it. My coworker Patrick leaves for Mexico today, and I hope he has a great time. Today seemed to drag on because of all the work that needs to get finished. Worst of all is there was a meeting today to break up more time. It will be hard to meet this deadline.

The meeting was very special today though. If you have never heard of the Untied Way, please give them a look. My company that I work for is very passionate about this group and what they are doing for the community. I was so touched by the presentation that I signed up for $10 each pay check to be donated. What a great group of people and a great cause. Again, if you have not checked them out before please do so.

Saturday October 8th, 2016

The weekend is made for getting away a little from work. I ended up going golfing with my mom, and we had a great time. There was a slight drizzle but there is never a bad day on the golf course. After golf, I relaxed and watched some college football. That night I ended up going to a bonfire for my best friend from high school, and we had a blast. My old coworker, my best friend, and I had a great time talking about life and where we want to be. The great thing about this group of men is the bright future we all hold. All of us see the best in people and can read a good deal from a bad deal. It will be fun to see where everybody ends up in the future.

Sunday October 9th, 2016

I ended up staying over at my girlfriend’s last night, and we had a huge brunch around noon. After everything was cleaned up and we relaxed and watched one of our favorite shows on television. My buddies and I ended up going to a laser tag zombie match close to my house, which was the best thing I have done in a long time. However, I am so tired right now that I feel sick to my stomach. But as always, I look forward to getting my project finished and out of the way.

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